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Maintenance of enclosures

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Polycarbonate should be regularly cleaned, in order to remove dirt from the surface. In most cases you just need to rinse the enclosure structure and polycarbonate with a stream of water (we find jet/power wash is the best). If there is a lot of dirt you can wash the enclosure with soapy water or mild detergents. Use a clean sponge to wash the surface of the aluminium structure. Do not use cleaning abrasive products, which could cause scratches on the surface of the polycarbonate. Please note that it is prohibited to use any product containing benzol, petrol, acetone or cleaning powder. It is recommended not to clean the polycarbonate when it is hot from the sun. Do not use sharp tools to clean the enclosure.


Protection of the enclosure against heavy snow

You should prevent an accumulation of higher amounts of snow on the enclosure during winter. The weight of wet snow is several times higher than fresh snow. For example 10 cm of wet snow weighs about 100 kg/m2. You must remove the snow from the enclosure symmetrically, preferably from both sides at once, so that the structure is not unevenly loaded.


How to keep enclosure clean from snow


Securing of the enclosure against strong wind

To prevent the enclosure from taking off in a strong wind, it is necessary to keep the enclosure closed and locked into the rails. End panels must be closed and locked as well as any door or window. Do not slide any segment of the enclosure during a strong wind. No persons should be inside the enclosure during a strong wind.