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A low pool enclosure will allow you to swim freely in your pool either open to enjoy the cooling breeze of a summer’s day or enclosed to protect you against elements at colder times of the year. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels that our pool enclosures are made of, does not restrict the view of the landscape of your garden whilst making it possible to enjoy a free swim in a protected, pleasant and comfortable environment.

When direct sunlight hits the panels, even on cloudy days, the diffused rays permeate the enclosure, warming the area inside. Please take a moment to look at the available styles and various colours.  


The middle line variant of enclosure offers all the benefits of a low line, but with more space to play with. The higher enclosure allows for comfortable seating and pool-based games and activities. Whether you want an area to relax in or a place to play, a middle line pool enclosure will satisfy all your needs.

All of our pool enclosures come in a variety of different colours and finishes.


For the full indoor pool experience, a high line pool enclosure offers unrestricted movement around the pool and delivers perfect sheltered swimming. Our award-winning enclosures allow you to invite family and friends around for a day by the pool at any time of year.

Have a look at all of the different colours and finishes, there is a wide range to choose from.


If you have a house-connected or freestanding hot tub, we have a range of enclosure solutions available. ‘Dome’ and ‘Oval-dome’ enclosures cater for freestanding hot tubs and our ‘Oasis’ line is suitable for customers wanting to connect their hot tub to their house.

Please take a browse through the different types to see which suits you.

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