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Looking for a place where you can relax, enjoy your garden and its beauty but unpredictible weather will never let you? Do not be limited by wind and rain, enjoy the maximum benefits of sliding patio enclosure from ALUKOV. CORSO patio enclosure allows you to use your veranda all year round.

The main advantage - retractibility - enables you to completely slide the enclosure open in nice weather. This way you can enjoy your patio in any weather throughout the year. That is why this enclosure is a unique solution for your patio and has been awarded as best conservatory idea and design.

Lean-to structure with vertical walls allows you to maximalise the interior space of the enclosure and increase its usability. Whole enclosure works on two rails – one is mounted on the house and one on the ground. Thanks to those rails you can slide each section in both directions. Only this way you can enjoy your patio in sunny days as well as when it rains. There are endless uses of the patio enclosure – you can create a new smoking room, covered outdoor dining area or simply storage space. Using patio enclosure CORSO significantly reduces heat loss and contributes to savings in heating cost.



Top quality Patio Enclosure from Alukov


Our products have won numerous awards, their quality and high functionality is emphasized by experts worldwide.

  High grade of reliability of Pool Enclosure and Hot Tub Enclosure from Alukov


We only use high quality and durable materials. With premium enclosures we provide up to 15-year warranty.

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Personal approach to customers is a priority for our company. Each product is tailored to your wishes and needs.

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Use your patio or pool in any weather, open the enclosure when it is hot, close it to protect yourself from the cold and rain.


- Flexible Luxury

You may have a beautiful garden and a stunning patio for relaxation and family entertainment, but does the weather allow you to enjoy it fully, whenever you want? The chances are that without a patio enclosure, the answer to that question is, no. Don’t worry, as there is an answer.

CORSO patio enclosures offer complete flexibility for you to use your patio and veranda area whenever and however you choose. Our award-winning enclosure design lets you use it when the weather is inclement and retract it fully when it is sunny and fine.

- Ergonomic Design

Our CORSO patio enclosure design received a ‘Best Conservatory Idea & Design’ award thanks to its innovative architecture. The enclosure’s construction uses two rails for installation and retraction purposes. One fixed to the house itself and the other secured to the ground. The rails allows for ease of movement in both directions so you can react quickly to changing weather conditions.  

- Energy Efficient

Whether you are using your patio for entertaining guests or as a new ‘smoking room’ for your property, CORSO enclosures significantly reduces heat loss from your home. A money-saving benefit that will pay you back whilst you enjoy using it. Don’t let the wind and rain limit your use of your patio or veranda. Install one of our patio enclosures and you will enjoy using it 365 days a year