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Pool enclosure eChampion

Pool enclosure eChampion

Let yourself be pampered with a comfort of remote controlled pool enclosure

Choose an engine powered Champion model for increased comfort. Powerful but quiet operation of electric engines on both sides of the enclosure allows you to open or close your pool enclosure smoothly. The motors are supplied with reliable integrated batteries that are automatically recharged by the built-in solar collectors.

The direction of individual segments is guided by a thin walkable rail from one side of the pool. The remote control is protected with a security code. Make your stay at the pool more enjoyable by automaticall shifting of the pool enclosure.





  • Two levels of enclosure security:

    1) Daily use mode – electromagnetic locking against accidental movement of segments

    2) Away from home mode – manual locking of safety arrestments with mechanical lock

  • 12 Volt safe voltage
  • Powered by a set of two synchronized ALUKOV LINE motors
  • Autonomous system - solar self-charging accumulators
  • Maintaining safe sliding of the enclosure with visual inspection



The pool enclosure is not only protected by the security code on the remote control, but also by the electromagnetic lock.

After unlocking, the enclosure moves to the desired position by continuous movement and you can enjoy the convenient and easy to use remote control system.



Engine unlocking

If the engine locks with the electromagnetic lock it can be fixed using a screwdriver and the EASY MOVE handle. Then you are able to move the enclosure segments to the desired position.

Adjustment of engines

The ALUKOV LINE engines ensure perfect pool enclosure movement. Their correct adjustment increases the service life and functionality of the rails. The pressure on wheels the ground can be adjusted by tightening the spring.



Production series

  Width Length
eChampion 38x80 max 4,25 m 6,33 m - 12,67 m
eChampion 38x100 max 5,25 m 6,33 m - 12,67 m


Profile colors

Silver Anthracite


Swimming pool enclosure eCHAMPION is always supplied without the possibility of having an entrance door to the pool. This is due to its low height. This type of enclosure is not intended for use in a closed position.