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HORECA Enclosure CORSO Glass

HORECA Enclosure CORSO Glass
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As the only company who sell this model of enclosure we offer long-term active after-sales service of our pool, patio and hot tub enclosures. Enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits that no other manufacturer can offer.

Our multifaceted Corso Glass enclosures are a versatile solution with a range of different purposes. These skillfully manufactured enclosures are ideal if you should require a stylish undercover carport, a hot tub enclosure or an elegant area for relaxation. They can also be used in a business setting, transforming a largely ‘out of bounds’ area for trade into a new, revenue-creating attraction for your customers. Enjoyable 365 days a year, protecting users against the weather, annoying insects, loud noise and pollution.

Retractable Corso Glass enclosures can even be used to create 2 rooms out of one big one, when business requires it. Another innovative product from Alukov


Color of construction 

Silver White Anthracite Antique Brown
Other colors according to customer

Color of sliding rails