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HORECA enclosure Style

HORECA enclosure Style™
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As the only company who sell this model of enclosure we offer long-term active after-sales service of our pool, patio and hot tub enclosures. Enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits that no other manufacturer can offer.

To enclose a very large outdoor seating areas like hotel outdoor patios, restaurant front gardens or cafes the STYLE patio enclosures are ideal. Guests will be able to sit outside in any weather. Although we make every enclosure on customer demand (we do not manufacture serially), it will take only four to six weeks before you can have your customers use it. The outdoor patios attached to any hotel, restaurant or cafe are a hugely under-used asset to all such businesses. Britain, in particular, has lots of inclement weather - around 20% of the time in fact. That translates to 72 days of the year when you aren’t able gain revenue from this valuable resource.

Made to order (we do not manufacture serially), it can take as little as 4-6 weeks before you can have a STYLE patio installed at your place of business, casting a stylish image of your company to your present and future customers.


Color of construction 

Silver White Anthracite Antique Brown
Other colors according to customer

Color of polycarbonate

Transparent  Smoke


Color of sliding rails